Community Legal Assistance Society - BC Judicial Review Self-Help Guide

Time Limit to File a Judicial Review

There is a time limit for filing a judicial review. If the Tribunal that issued your decision is covered by the Administrative Tribunals Act, then you have 60 days from the date the decision was made to file a judicial review. This 60-day time limit applies even if you received the decision on a date after it was made, for example if it took a few days for the decision to get to you in the mail.

If you do not file within the time limit, you may lose your right to bring a judicial review. It is possible to apply for an extension of time, but there is no guarantee that the court will give one and it complicates the judicial review process if you file late.

The 60 day time limit applies to decisions of the following bodies:

  • Agricultural Land Commission
  • British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
  • Director, Business Practices and Consumer Protection
  • Director of the Residential Tenancy Branch (decisions made by Arbitrators)
  • Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal
  • Employment Standards Tribunal
  • Farm Industry Review Board
  • Financial Services Tribunal
  • Health Professions Review Board
  • Hospital Appeal Board
  • Industry Training Appeal Board
  • Labour Relations Board
  • Mental Health Review Panels
  • Passenger Transportation Board
  • Residential Tenancy Branch
  • Safety Standards Appeal Board
  • Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal

If the Tribunal or body that made your decision is not listed above, then you should get legal advice to find out how long you have to file a judicial review.