Community Legal Assistance Society - BC Judicial Review Self-Help Guide

4. Serving a Judicial Review

Once you have filed your petition and affidavit, you must give stamped copies of these documents to all the people who might be affected by your case.  The people you must serve should be listed in the “On Notice To” section of your petition.  In all cases, you need to give your petition and affidavits to WCAT, the Attorney General of British Columbia, and your employer.

There are rules about how you must give people your court papers. Giving people court documents using these rules is called “service”.  The purpose of serving your court papers is to give people formal notice of your court case and to give them a chance to respond. You cannot go forward with your judicial review before you serve your documents. 

You must serve your petition within 12 months of the date the petition was filed. If you do not serve your petition within 12 months, you cannot use it unless you apply and get an order from a judge “renewing” the petition.  “Renewing” a petition means that the judge has extended the time that the petition is good for so you have time to serve it.

This section will tell you how you can have someone else serve documents for you. It will also tell you how you can serve the WCAT, the Attorney General, and other parties. It will also talk about how you can prove that you have served someone.