Community Legal Assistance Society - BC Judicial Review Self-Help Guide

If You are Paying the Filing Fees

If you are not requesting that the court waive filing fees, pay the clerk the $200 filing fee to file your judicial review. The registry accepts cash, cheque, debit cards, or money orders.

The registry will then review your documents. If they are properly filled in, the clerk will take your filing fee and file the documents. To file the documents, the clerk will stamp your original petition and affidavit, and stamp your copies. The clerk will keep the originals at the registry, and give you back the copies.  The copies are the documents you will need to serve. You should leave with enough stamped copies for you and everyone listed under the “On Notice To” section of your petition. If you want the court registry to swear your affidavit, this will cost an additional $40.

Once your documents are filed, the registry will give you stamped copies of your petition and affidavit.

Make sure you leave the court with a copy of your petition and affidavit that are stamped with the following:

  • File number (usually at the top right corner)
  • Date stamp (usually at the top left corner)
  • For the petition only, a court seal (usually at the top left corner)

Once your petition and affidavit are stamped in this way your judicial review is filed.